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Covid-19 Vaccinations Open to Critical Infrastructure Workers - 3/24/21

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Critical Infrastructure Workers-

We are excited to offer you a wonderful opportunity to protect yourselves, your loved ones, your students, and your communities from COVID-19. The State of South Dakota is opening up COVID-19 vaccination to educational faculty and staff and students living in dorms. COVID-19 vaccination is a great way for us to help end the pandemic –and help keep schools and businesses open.

All vaccination clinics are held at the Redfield Armory on Wednesdays. The next available vaccine clinic is on March 31st.

Please use this link: COVID-19 Vaccine Schedule  to self-schedule for a date/time best for you. Please feel free to select another Wednesday date to schedule if March 31st does not work for you or is full. You may also contact the Redfield Clinic to be scheduled or if you have any questions/concerns at 605-472-0510.

It takes less than 30 minutes to get your vaccine. We administer the Moderna two-dose vaccine, we ask that you confirm your availability to receive the second dose 28 days later. If you are unavailable for the second dose, please consider rescheduling for another date. Obtaining the second dose almost doubles the vaccine’s effectiveness.

Please review the Moderna Recipient and Caregiver Fact Sheet, including the exclusions that may prevent you from receiving the vaccine at this time.

  • Please schedule for a vaccine at least 14 days from receiving another vaccine
  • If you have tested positive for COVID-19—current recommendations is to wait 90 days after positive test to receive your vaccine
  • If you receive a monoclonal antibody (such as bamlanivimab) you must wait 90 days to receive your vaccine
  • If you have a history of anaphylaxis/severe allergy to vaccines or injections please contact the Redfield Clinic to be scheduled.

On the day of the vaccine, please bring the following:

  • Screening form
  • Mask
  • Remember to wear short sleeves and plan to practice social distancing


I know you may have questions about the vaccine. Here are some of the most common concerns you have mentioned:

Find more questions and answers at

While vaccines have been shown to be very effective, Avera still recommends masking, social distancing and using good hand hygiene after vaccination. There is a small chance that you can still get infected or spread the virus to others even after getting your shot. By getting our COVID-19 vaccinations, we can decrease the spread of COVID-19 in our communities and hopefully come closer to normal.



Heather Caton, PharmD, BCGP| Pharmacy Coordinator

Community Memorial Hospital Avera | Redfield





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